Reduce Server Response Time

Reduce Server Response Time

How are you defining server response time? Server response time (SRT) is the amount of time taken by the web browser to receive a response against the request made. The clock begins as soon as the web browser makes the request with the server. According to Google’s PageSpeed Insights, your server response time should be less … Read moreReduce Server Response Time

Romaine lettuce and e coli combination


CDC warns U.S. consumers not to have Romaine lettuce. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) said that Romaine lettuce is harmful to have in our food habits. The CDC reported that 32 people in 11 states have become sick from eating contaminated romaine. Of those, 13 have been hospitalized, and are convalescing. Only one patient among them is … Read moreRomaine lettuce and e coli combination

R Letter Images download

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Download stylish letter r alphabet images

The letter ⟨r/R⟩ is the 8th most common letter in English and the 4th most common consonant. The letter R Images that you like the most download them for free. Top 25+ collection of images of the letter R. Use them for spreading your love and affection to your loved one.

Images of letter R in heart engraved for your love

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Letter R associated with flying hearts

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R-word for you in small letter

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Flying letter R in dark background

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How to secure your WiFi

how to secure your wifi

6 Ways to Keep your Wireless Network Secure The following tips are some simple steps everyone should take to secure your wifi home broadband router(Mi router in this case). For other routers, you can refer the manuals. To set up and manage a router you’ll need to gain access to the admin controls. 1. Get strong … Read moreHow to secure your WiFi

Funny WiFi Names

funny wifi names

Funny WiFi Names To Tease your neighbor An excellent SSID (service set identifier) name make it easy for you to determine your network. On the other hand, your neighbors get the signals of your wifi while searching for their signals. And all possess some Funny WiFi names. Nowadays there is a competition for having Best WiFi names, for example, bap ko … Read moreFunny WiFi Names

Monitor competitors export import data

Monitor competitors export import data

Monitor competitors export import data and lead the race  (Competitor Analysis) Monitor competitors import-export data for your growing business. It is very difficult to enter the new market due to the heavy competition. Entering the market without analyzing competition is very difficult. You have a very little chance of survival in this competitive market. But … Read moreMonitor competitors export import data