• pmegp loan
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    PMEGP Loan process

    When there is a requirement of Bank loan, PMEGP (Prime Minister Employment Generation Program) loan is the cheap and best loan scheme due to its super features. pmegp central govt loan Huge Subsidy up to 35% under PMEGP loan scheme Suitable for rural and urban areas The loan amount is suitable for middle-class family Processed within 2 months How much is pmegp loan limit? If you talk about the loan amount, under this scheme, you can take a loan ranging between Rs. 10 lakh and 25 lakhs. Rs 10 lakh loan is for service sector which includes a retail shop, real estate, education, health, social work, computer services etc.  Rs 25 lakh loan is for the…

  • google bot smartphone
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    Google bot smartphone

    What is the Google bot smartphone? Have you heard of something called google bot smartphone? Yes as the name suggest its the same google bot which crawls your web pages. But this bot deals with smartphone customized mobile web pages only. How I came to know about google bot smartphone? Google has been working and experimenting on mobile-friendly web pages for a long time. With the increase in the number of mobile phones user, It became a topic for Google to show his interest to have control in this field also. In many countries, mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic. If you are having your own managed website then you must have heard…

  • how to secure your wifi
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    How to secure your WiFi

    6 Ways to Keep your Wireless Network Secure The following tips are some simple steps everyone should take to secure your wifi home broadband router(Mi router in this case). For other routers, you can refer the manuals. To set up and manage a router you’ll need to gain access to the admin controls. 1. Get strong Router Admin username and password This is usually done by navigating to an IP address in a web browser (for example, then entering a password. The steps vary for each model(in my case it’s Instructions are available in the manual of the device manufacturer. Password must be complex, long(more than 8 characters) and strong consisting…

  • sleep-disorder


    Sleeplessness Can Change Your Brain We often take sleep as a second priority, rather than a first. But getting just enough sleep plays such a crucial role in our mental and physical wellness which is almost known to every one.  But almost everyone due to our living style gives it a second priority. Making sure you get good sleep has amazing health benefits that include lowering stress/tension improving your overall quality of life, reducing inflammation, making you more attentive, agile and boosting your mind. But not getting enough sleep (sleeplessness) can have pretty annoying, if not downright awful side effects. In order to enjoy the health benefits of good sleep.…

  • DNS Hijacking-How to use the internet safely
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    Internet safety rules

    Top 6 Internet safety rules How to use the internet safely? With the advancement in technology, internet safety is more of our concern. For years, hackers and cyber attackers have been looking for weaknesses and loopholes to exploit and make benefit from it. There are several ways to ensure safe and secure browsing habits. In this article, we’ll be offering some best practices and guidelines for strengthening your internet safety. We browse internet using web browsers. So browser is the interaction platform with the internet. So, we learn some Internet safety rules. Block  Pop-Ups Pop-up windows can be used as a front for malicious activities.  Clicking on a pop-up link…