Waiting for someone

waiting for someone

Waiting for someone She was waiting there, waiting for someone (him) to come. He was late, too late and she was ready. Ready to give him everything she can give him. The darkness of that thirsty night was getting more and more like a black hole. The clock was ticking, her soft fingers on the … Read moreWaiting for someone

Easy tips to learn faster

Easy tips for your child to learn faster

Easy tips for your child to learn faster Never pressurize your child just be patient and calm when you are trying to learn the alphabets. Just think its really new thing for them to learn and if you compel them to learn definitely they will run away from studies. Make learning as easy as fun. … Read moreEasy tips to learn faster

DNS Hijacking

DNS Hijacking-How to use the internet safely

What is DNS Hijacking? Is the Internet safe? What do you think? And the answer is the Internet is no longer a safe place. There is always a reason to get concerned when we go online to either browse a website, make transactions, shop online or use social media. There are numerous ways of getting … Read moreDNS Hijacking

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence definition Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation and development of intelligent machines that work and react like humans and able to do the following which a human can do: Speech recognition–¬†Creation of natural human sources to communicate with the computer is currently one of the greatest … Read moreArtificial Intelligence(AI)

Connect hard disk to mobile using OTG cable

usb 3.0 to sata adapter

Is there any external hard disk for mobile phone available? The answer is, its a confusing question. No doubt there are n numbers and types of external hard disk available in the market. You can connect that hard disk to your mobile phone using OTG cable. You did not require a separate hard disk for … Read moreConnect hard disk to mobile using OTG cable

Lithium sulphur batteries


Scientists have developed a high-powered, environmentally-safe lithium-sulphur battery, with a significantly longer life than a lithium-ion battery. Kyeongjae Cho, a professor at The University of Texas at Dallas in the United States. He along with research associate Jeongwoon Hwang, worked with other regional scientists to improve lithium-sulphur batteries. Advantages According to Mr. Cho, lithium-sulphur batteries … Read moreLithium sulphur batteries