Connect hard disk to mobile using OTG cable

usb 3.0 to sata adapter

Is there any external hard disk for mobile phone available?

The answer is, its a confusing question. No doubt there are n numbers and types of external hard disk available in the market. You can connect that hard disk to your mobile phone using OTG cable. You did not require a separate hard disk for your mobile phone.

Hello friends, in this article you will see how to connect a hard disk to mobile.

It’s really easy to connect the mobile phone with an external hard disk using a simple OTG cable. If your phone is capable of delivering power to hard disk drive then USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable is not needed otherwise you need to power up your hard disk from an external power source like power bank using USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable.

connect mobile with hard disk


  • Mobile phone having OTG (on the go) features
  • External hard disk drive
  • OTG cable
  • Power bank
  • USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable 


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USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable

  1. Connect your mobile phone with OTG cable, OTG cable has two ends one end is micro USB which goes to the mobile phone and other end is USB (universal serial bus) which is connected to USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable.


usb 3.0 to sata adapter


 OTG cable

  1. The SATA end (USB to SATA adapter) goes to external hard disk, USB_3.0_ to_ SATA adapter has two USB end one goes to the power bank and other goes to OTG cable so that data from hard disk can be fetched by mobile phone. Now the physical connection part is over.

  2. The moment hard disk gets supply from power bank its gets power on and you can see the notification LED on the hard disk it will glow and also you can sense the hard disk movement.

  1. Now check for any notification on your mobile phone. It will show some external drive connected just like a memory card. If it is not shown, remove all the connections and try again. You will definitely get a notification on your mobile phone. Now tap on the notification and now you can see all the drives and partition available in the hard disk. You can read and write any file in the hard disk.


  • USB Full form is universal serial bus.
  • OTG Full form is On the go.

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