FlipAclip pro Cartoon animation

flipaclip cartoon animation

FlipaClip Pro Cartoon animation Mod Latest Version app is a simple but powerful drawing tool for creating animated videos and cartoons on your smartphone in a convenient, smart and fast way with tons of different tools.

You can edit and make animated videos frame-by-frame easily. Make things that comes to your dreams. You can bring your dreams to real life through FlipAclip pro-Android animation! Whether you are doing animating, sketching, story-boarding, or simply learning: This app’s responsive interface provides the best drawing and animating experience. Flipaclip simple, intuitive controls are easy to get started but strong enough for your creative ideas.

Challenge your animation skills and participate in our contests! You could win exciting prizes just by having fun!

Features of FlipAclip Mod pro app.

  • Make and share- Just make a video and share it on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook tumbler.
  • Drawing Tools like Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Eraser, Ruler shapes, and insert Text with multiple font options all for free!
  • Custom canvas sizes up to 1920×1920 are available.
  • Apple Pencil is supported.
  • Use up to 3 layers for free. Go pro and add up to 10 layers.
  • Animating frame-by-frame is super featured you all will definitely love it.
  • Easily add and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free including voice recording!
  • Get creative with our popular curated sound fx audio packages.
  • Insert Images and Videos and Animate images you import.
  • Drag and drop images on your canvas.
NameFlipAclip Pro APK
Versionv 2.0.5
File Size36.1 MB


User Reviews:

Kimiora Girl July 12, 201947I’ve been using this app for four years and all I could say, its wonderful. It gives you different tools to use, allows you to add more frames and add your very own music to make your animations to go alo g with but here’s o e problem that I wish that the app already had it. Allow you use the Premiu…Full ReviewVisual Blasters LLCJuly 18, 2019Thanks for the review. Enjoy the app. 🙂

foxy fox808 July 19, 2019,369I really love it, it helps a lot when you are just starting out. The only thing I would like is if it was on Pc since it maybe would be easier for some people. but overall I just love FlipaClip you can do a lot with it and the tools are handy. I would share with others who are starting out with animating…Full Review

A Google User July 23, 2019,5Is easier to use when you pay for the extra features, but the one thing that is still hard is how the lines aren’t smooth. It’s very hard for me to, quite literally, make a straight line since my hands are so shaky. Please add a stabilizer option just so it’s even easier for people to use and get cl…Full Review

ii_Angela July 21, 2019,10I installed Flipaclip For its Good Reputation. But when I started Drawing, It Lags Like Crazy And The Movement of its Camera Is Terrible. When I draw curved lines it lags And Draws a Strait-Line. Apparently this is for styluses but I lost mine. I’ll be generous and still give 3 stars because of The Pre…

Visual Blasters LLC July 25, 2019, Hello, Most probably it is lagging because of your device`s specifications. Please disable “Canvas Rotation” from under the FlipaClip settings, it should make the app smoother for you. We are currently working on a new Android drawing engine which should make the app a lot faster even on older devices. Let me know if that helps 🙂


If you are looking for creating an animated/cartoon video and upload it on the internet, then the best application right now is FlipAclip pro android application. Here you will get the pro version free and enjoy all its advance features.