Google bot smartphone

google bot smartphone

What is the Google bot smartphone?

Have you heard of something called google bot smartphone? Yes as the name suggest its the same google bot which crawls your web pages. But this bot deals with smartphone customized mobile web pages only.

How I came to know about google bot smartphone?

Google has been working and experimenting on mobile-friendly web pages for a long time. With the increase in the number of mobile phones user, It became a topic for Google to show his interest to have control in this field also. In many countries, mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic.

google bot smartphone

If you are having your own managed website then you must have heard about Google search console. On 26th Nov 18 Google has migrated many properties to mobile first indexing as part of the mobile-first indexing initiative. Migrated properties mean website. And all the property owners (website owners) whose property has been migrated to mobile first indexing has been notified by Google. It doesn’t mean that desktop indexing will have some issues. You can say its good to be migrated as your website will have a number of visitors now.

google bot

Mine has been migrated, so I also received the notification from Google in search console. As the migration may result in a change in index coverage status. As per Google, there is no change in the pages that have been already indexed. But now onwards pages will be indexed for mobile devices first. So, it is the responsibility of website owner to check his website for mobile-friendly pages. Google has given a link to check it.

I also checked it and have good results (Green). There were only two issues for not loading some pages. Which I fixed later on. But now all website owners to tighten your belt for mobile-friendly pages. You must have also heard about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Now we need an AMP for our website. Because the future is waiting for mobile web pages to lead.