Google Home commands you must know to ease your life…

google home commands

The utility of Google Home smart speaker (Google Assistance) is increasing day by day. It’s becoming more or less of your friend. You can search, text, mail, make calls, give commands, listen to your favorite music, set reminders, book tickets, appointment, weather update, traffic update and many more. Today in this article I will give you the list of all Google Home Commands you need in day to day life.

Remember You can use the wake words “OK, Google” and “Hey Google”. Using this keyword The Google Home will start listening to your commands.

And to stop just say “Hey Google, stop”.

You can give together two commands in one sentence. For example, you could say, “Hey Google, play Rock and Roll and turn the volume to 10”. The list of Google Home Commands is so long that it is almost impossible to merge them in a single article. The list is getting longer day by day. That too in multiple languages.

Setting reminders, timers, and alarms

“Hey Google, set an alarm for 6.30 tomorrow morning”

“Hey Google, snooze alarm”

“Hey Google, cancel my alarm for 6.30 and set for 7.00”

“Hey, Google what time is it?”

“Hey Google, remind me for tomorrow’s appointment with the doctor at 1000 hrs”

“Hey Google, remember that I left the wardrobe keys in the car”

“Hey Google, what’s on my schedule for Sunday?”

“Hey Google, remind me of taking my medicines at 1300 hrs?”

Controlling the smart home

In smart home all the switches, devices have a specific name that the user can set.

You can command Google Home/ Google Home Mini to switch it ON or OFF by calling their names.

“Hey Google, turn ON (Device Name)”

“Hey Google, turn OFF (Device Name)”

“Hey Google, set the kitchen lights to 50%”

“Hey Google, dim the living room lights”

“Hey Google, set the heating to 22 degrees”

“Hey Google, raise the temperature three degrees”

“Hey Google, what’s the bedroom temperature?”

“Hey Google, turn on all the switches”

“Hey Google, lock the front door”

Make Phone calls, Send Text And Mails using Google home commands

“Hey Google, call DAD”. But remember your dad’s number must be saved as DAD.

“Hey Google, hang up”

“Hey Google, redial”

“Hey Google send a text to mom that I will be having my dinner with my friends”

“Hey Google send a mail to TOM that I will be visiting your office on coming Friday”

Many more Google Home Commands

“Hey Google book an uber cab for my office at 1000 hrs”

similarly, you can book tickets, take a haircut appointment in a salon nearest to you.

“OK, Google, what’s 154 times 13 “

“OK, Google, 246 plus 46 “

“OK, Google, count to 10”

“OK, Google, how many liters are in 6 gallons.”

“Hey, Google, how much is 500 dollars in euros?”

Now in the coming future after authentication, you can also transfer funds for your day to day requirements.