How to unblock on WhatsApp

How To Unblock On Whatsapp When Someone Blocked You?

Whatsapp is the top social networking media platform available in this universe right now. Every multimedia phone is having Whatsapp installed whether its Android or iPhone. Whatsapp is having Billions of users around the globe. And almost everyone in his life faces this problem of getting blocked. When someone blocks you it’s really irritating.

So, friends no more irritation, in this article I will tell you how you can unblock yourself on WhatsApp without accessing his/her WhatsApp account OR there mobile. So, friends simply follow our tutorial step-by-step correctly to get Unblocked In Whatsapp When Someone Blocked You.

how to unblock on whatsapp

Follow the steps below for getting unblocked in Whatsapp.

  • Before starting, backup your WhatsApp chat and media because that will be deleted.
  • First You need to Uninstall the WhatsApp application from your mobile phone.
  • After uninstalling again download and Reinstall the Whatsapp application from Google Play store.
  • Open the installed WhatsApp application and log in.
  • Remove Your Profile Picture from WhatsApp, Leave All the Groups and Delete All Chats. Since you have taken the backup you need not worry.
  • Open your WhatsApp setting option and tap on Account Option.
  • Enter Your mobile number and delete Your WhatsApp account.
  • After deleting Clear the Data in the application manager.
  • Now again Uninstall the WhatsApp application from your phone.
  • Restart Your mobile phone and open google play store, Again download and install the WhatsApp application.
  • Again Open the Whatsapp app and Login by verifying the OTP received.
  • Done! You have successfully Unblocked yourself from all contacts/friends who have Blocked You on WhatsApp. Now Send Message to the any of the Contact, Your Message will be Send Successfully.

Did someone block me on WhatsApp how to unblock? The question or you can say the problem is resolved. But, if again you are blocked then you need to repeat the process again. So, instead of repeating the process try to understand the emotions of your friend and try to resolve the problem in another way. Every time resetting the Whatsapp is not the true solution. That’s all from my side. I hope your emotional relations keep growing and you need not reset your WhatsApp account every time.