Labor Day Celebration in America

Labor Day Celebration

labor day

America celebrates Labour Day on every first Monday of September. Today I will be discussing the reason behind the celebration. How it came up? How deep are the roots of Labour Day inside the American society?
Labor Day takes place on the first Monday of September every year and honors the American worker. It marks an annual tribute to the workers who have contributed to the development of U.S., and its origins are obviously political.

The History behind LABOR DAY
From the beginning in almost every society labor have been misused and it was on the peak during the industrial revolution. But as the democracy started developing the welfare of workers and labor has been given importance.
The only advantage of being labor is that they were in majority and later they were used in politics to vote for them. When politics came into our society many political parties formed in order to improve the social life of workers, which results fruitful to the worker community.
In September 1882, thousands of workers in New York City marched for their rights from City Hall to Union Square which is believed to be the country’s first unofficial Labor Day parade. During that time an average American labor used to work 12 hrs. Child labor was also practiced.
In May 1884 American Railway Union stopped operating and went on strike over wage cut. In June 1894, Congress passed legislation that made the first Monday in September a legal holiday. And then first Labor Day was celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City.
“By making one day in each year a public holiday for the benefit of workingmen the equality and dignity of labor is emphasized,” wrote Rep. Lawrence McGann (D-IL) in an 1894 report in support of the holiday.

So you can say on this day we should remember the contribution of American men towards the development of America.
Later May 1st is celebrated as International Workers’ Day. It is on a global basis. In order to safeguard the rights of labor around the globe, International Workers Day is celebrated on may 1st.
So, feel proud to celebrate labor day and enjoy your holiday too. Stay blessed…