Lithium sulphur batteries



Scientists have developed a high-powered, environmentally-safe lithium-sulphur battery, with a significantly longer life than a lithium-ion battery.

Kyeongjae Cho, a professor at The University of Texas at Dallas in the United States. He along with research associate Jeongwoon Hwang, worked with other regional scientists to improve lithium-sulphur batteries.


According to Mr. Cho, lithium-sulphur batteries are less expensive to make, weigh less, store almost twice the energy of lithium-ion batteries and are better for the environment.

It has a capacity of about three to five times higher than lithium-ion batteries. It means if you using a phone with a Lithium-ion battery and it is lasting for three hours, you can use it for nine to 15 hours with a lithium-sulphur battery. This is the biggest advantage of Lithium-sulphur over Lithium-ion.

There is a race for making a smartphone which has good ampere-hour rated batteries. Greater is the Ampere hour rating greater is the capacity of a battery. And the solution to this issue is using Lithium-sulphur batteries.

Lithium-sulphur battery is soon going to takeover Lithium-ion batteries.

Though there are some issues also, sulfur is a poor electrical conductor and can become unstable over just several charge-and-recharge cycles. The other major issue would be cost-effectiveness. Unless and until the manufacturing cost of Lithium-sulphur battery decreases it will not able to take over lithium-ion battery. Initially, the cost involved in the research is really very high but when it will be available on the market it will definitely going to boom the market. Lithium-sulphur battery has a bright future when becomes cheap. It can be used everywhere from toys to the spaceship.

However, researchers discovered that molybdenum, a metallic element can be used to overcome all the issues with Lithium-sulphur batteries. Soon we will be seeing smartphone and camera batteries using Lithium-sulphur for having a better battery life and performance.