Xiaomi MiTV 4A Android Update
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Xiaomi MiTV 4A Android Update

The most awaited news of Xiaomi MiTV 4A series Android update is here. As per Xiaomi, there are more than a million customers of MiTV 4A series smart TV. And all of them are eagerly waiting for the update of MiTV 4A series. Also, Xiaomi has already promised their customers for the upgrade of Xiaomi MiTV 4A series to Android 8 (Oreo) with google play store and chromecast support on Jan 2019. And now the good news is that instead of Android 8 they are getting Android 9.

MiTV 4A Android Update

Xiaomi MiTV 4A series runs on Patchwall which is created by Xiaomi. Patchwall is an android based OS which does not support google play services.

Reason for delay in update

  • Mi TV update to Android 9 Pie instead of Android 8 (Oreo) for older Mi TV 4A 32 and 43-inch 2018 models.
  • Like a mobile phone, TV does not have batteries so during the update process if the power supply goes off your TV may brick. So, some special way was required for the update process.
  • Xiaomi is the first one to update its TV to Android 9 Pie.
  • Running Android 9 Pie on ONE Gb RAM device need more customization.
  • Xiaomi uses Amlogic CPU so designing an Android TV-based ROM for Amlogic CPU need further R&D.
  • Implementing Google Services was another major challenge.

The above news tells you that the update process incoming in the near future. But Xiaomi has launched Early Access Program for the Android 9 Pie update for the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A series. But it is accessible to a limited number of users. Only 50 active Mi fans will be getting the early access of the update. The announcement was made through a forum post on the official Xiaomi community page. I hope soon MiTV 4 series owner will get Android 9 Pie update rolling in.

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