• Join BJP on WhatsApp

    Join BJP on WhatsApp

    You can Join BJP  on WhatsApp for free just by clicking the links given below. You can also download the android application BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) Whatsapp group by clicking this link-  https://www.susthesurfer.com/wp-content/uploads/bjp-whatsapp-group.zip Since WhatsApp is one of the biggest social media platforms. It is widely used by many organizations to spread their agenda. It can be used in a bad way also. so, kindly use your brain to decide what is good and what is bad. Join BJP WhatsApp group BJP Fan Club Here is the link to the full review: https://chat.whatsapp.com/2vMXaoVSSudJwIbqcYEqyl  Join BJP Mission A Target Here is the link to the full review: https://chat.whatsapp.com/5ponWRDg4Jk3jr4XO4aHHA BJP Membership and Samarthak Here is the link…

  • Labor Day Celebration
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    Labor Day Celebration in America

    America celebrates Labour Day on every first Monday of September. Today I will be discussing the reason behind the celebration. How it came up? How deep are the roots of Labour Day inside the American society? Labor Day takes place on the first Monday of September every year and honors the American worker. It marks an annual tribute to the workers who have contributed to the development of U.S., and its origins are obviously political. The History behind LABOR DAY From the beginning in almost every society labor have been misused and it was on the peak during the industrial revolution. But as the democracy started developing the welfare of…

  • Barcelona Hammer Huesca 8-2

    Barcelona Hammer Huesca 8-2

    While it was widely expected that Barcelona would run over Huesca and the same thing happened.Barcelona Hammer Huesca 8-2. Lionel Messi, with two goals and assisted by Luis Suarez. Ousmane Dembele, Ivan Rakitic, Jordi Alba and Jorge Pulido also scored for Barcelona. Cucho Hernández started the goal parade, and Alex Gallar scored for the visitors. Huesca’s Alex Gallar shoot one goal before half-time to make it 3-2, but any hope of a revival from the visitors was soon destroyed by three goals in 11 minutes from Ousmane Dembele, Ivan Rakitic, and Messi. “We were sleeping at the start of the game but their goal helped wake us up and we…

  • DNS Hijacking-How to use the internet safely
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    DNS Hijacking

    What is DNS Hijacking? Is the Internet safe? What do you think? And the answer is the Internet is no longer a safe place. There is always a reason to get concerned when we go online to either browse a website, make transactions, shop online or use social media. There are numerous ways of getting hacked. It is a vast topic. But today we are interested in DNS Hijacking. As we all know, the “Domain Name System (DNS)” is for translating a domain name such as “google.com” to its corresponding IP address “” and vice versa.  DNS is the keeper of all domain names that are registered on the internet. You…

  • artificial intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence(AI)

    Artificial Intelligence definition Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation and development of intelligent machines that work and react like humans and able to do the following which a human can do: Speech recognition– Creation of natural human sources to communicate with the computer is currently one of the greatest challenges of modern science. That to speech recognition in a different language and different tone/modulation is even more difficult.  Unfortunately, programs that could show equivalent human quality speech recognition under any conditions, not yet created. The immaturity of existing technologies is associated primarily due to the recognition of noisy and continuous speech. Learning– These days, computers can also learn, and they can be incredibly intelligent! Machine learning is a discipline of computer…

  • usb 3.0 to sata adapter
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    Connect hard disk to mobile using OTG cable

    Is there any external hard disk for mobile phone available? The answer is, its a confusing question. No doubt there are n numbers and types of external hard disk available in the market. You can connect that hard disk to your mobile phone using OTG cable. You did not require a separate hard disk for your mobile phone. Hello friends, in this article you will see how to connect a hard disk to mobile. It’s really easy to connect the mobile phone with an external hard disk using a simple OTG cable. If your phone is capable of delivering power to hard disk drive then USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III…