PUBG Trigger

pubg trigger

PUBG (Player unknown battlegrounds) is today the most played game let it be on PC, MOBILE or gaming consoles. Today everyone likes to play PUBG and have chicken dinner. Today in this article I will be reviewing PUBG mobile gaming aid. And yes its is PUBG trigger for playing PUBG mobile. This aid is definitely going to help you a lot as now you can use both index fingers to play the game. It means now you can easily play with your four fingers.

pubg trigger

Features of PUBG trigger (Rednix Game Controller):

  • Can be used with 4.5-6.5 inch Android/iOS Phone
  • Comfortable Grip in your hands
  • Cooling fan included with ON/OFF switch to control your phone heating.
  • Inbuilt power bank (2000 mAh) to charge your phone while playing PUBG.
  • The phone fits comfortably inside the gaming aid.
  • You never miss a kill
pubg mobile trigger

My personal experience says this the best available trigger in the market to play PUBG mobile. You can also play other games like Fortnite and many more. You can play all the games having a multi-touch play. You just need to adjust your gaming controls (customize) according to your needs. For example in PUBG mobile you can do this by pressing settings then controls then customize.

So, enjoy PUBG Trigger and improve your gaming skills. And never miss a chicken dinner. Kindly comment below for your views on this PUBG mobile trigger. The only disadvantage that I feel is that the capacity of the inbuilt power bank could have been some more. Then it could have been a true PUBG mobile gaming beast aid. But you can still enjoy your chicken dinner easily. So, what are you waiting for? Go for his trigger and never miss a chicken dinner. I already own his rigger and my ranking has improved a lot. But before one thing required is to get used to the trigger. Initially, it will be a little difficult but once your fingers get accustomed to the trigger you will enjoy your game.