Romaine lettuce and e coli combination


CDC warns U.S. consumers not to have Romaine lettuce.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) said that Romaine lettuce is harmful to have in our food habits. The CDC reported that 32 people in 11 states have become sick from eating contaminated romaine. Of those, 13 have been hospitalized, and are convalescing. Only one patient among them is suffering from a form of kidney failure. The CDC is not claiming that all romaine contains the dangerous bacteria. But the investigation shows there is some issue so is better to throw away any romaine lettuce purchased. It does not matter whether you use it as a salad or after boiling.

Romaine lettuce

People usually become sick within three or four days of consuming lettuce contaminated with the E. coli, according to the CDC. California has the highest number of reported illnesses, with 10 numbers. Though the number is no so high but its alarming. That is why notification has been released for all restaurants, hotels and in general public.

There is a general confusion among people in other parts of the world regarding Romaine lettuce. The warning given by CDC is applicable to other countries also? Nothing can be said right now. I depend on your local medical authorities to have a look into the matter. The contamination of Romaine lettuce with E. coli bacteria depends on many environmental conditions.

There is another confusion of Romaine lettuce with cabbage. As both of them look similar green and leafy but they both are different even in nutritional values. Based on a 100-gram sample, cabbage had 25 calories and lettuce only had 14 calories.  Cabbage also has over twice of the dietary fiber that lettuce has, which makes it a good substitute in a salad. Cabbage also contains Vitamin B6, and protein whereas lettuce does not have.