• DNS Hijacking-How to use the internet safely
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    DNS Hijacking

    What is DNS Hijacking? Is the Internet safe? What do you think? And the answer is the Internet is no longer a safe place. There is always a reason to get concerned when we go online to either browse a website, make transactions, shop online or use social media. There are numerous ways of getting hacked. It is a vast topic. But today we are interested in DNS Hijacking. As we all know, the “Domain Name System (DNS)” is for translating a domain name such as “google.com” to its corresponding IP address “” and vice versa.  DNS is the keeper of all domain names that are registered on the internet. You…

  • DNS Hijacking-How to use the internet safely
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    Internet safety rules

    Top 6 Internet safety rules How to use the internet safely? With the advancement in technology, internet safety is more of our concern. For years, hackers and cyber attackers have been looking for weaknesses and loopholes to exploit and make benefit from it. There are several ways to ensure safe and secure browsing habits. In this article, we’ll be offering some best practices and guidelines for strengthening your internet safety. We browse internet using web browsers. So browser is the interaction platform with the internet. So, we learn some Internet safety rules. Block  Pop-Ups Pop-up windows can be used as a front for malicious activities.  Clicking on a pop-up link…