Easy tips to learn faster

Easy tips for your child to learn faster

Easy tips for your child to learn faster

  • Never pressurize your child just be patient and calm when you are trying to learn the alphabets. Just think its really new thing for them to learn and if you compel them to learn definitely they will run away from studies. Make learning as easy as fun. Then they will be attracted towards it and learn things easily and comfortably which will run for a long go. I was just thinking the same thing as my daughter is also in this stage (03 yrs old).

Easy learning tips for your child

My Easy tips for your child to learn faster

What I did, I just try to give her an incomplete alphabet to make it complete. So that she has to give a little effort to complete the alphabet. I started to give her incomplete ‘A’ as ‘^’ then ask her to complete it just by joining the center line to make the alphabet A complete. And I was shocked within one go she completed all her assignment.

Using this method she at least understood how the alphabet A looks like, which is a great job for a beginner I think. Wha do you think in his respect kindly comment. Earlier I just tried to make her learn the alphabet A on the one go but she failed to do so that’s why I tried my way of learning her. Right now she is also happy to learn and I am also satisfied with her understanding. I hope you and your child will also have the same comfort level. Kindly implement this method and share your experience.

I was also making a video of her which I will also post you in the link given below.

Similarly, I tried for alphabet ‘B’ and again she performed as per my expectations. Try the same and share your experience here.

  • Reward them when they perform well, if not possible at least clap for him/her.
  • Always answer all their queries, never get annoyed with their questions. As it is a good sign for learning child. Their mind is empty and will be filled what you tell them.
  • Feel the difference between learning and studying, it will help them to go in the long run.

I hope this article will be helpful for you as well as your learning kids.