Turn TV into smart TV

how to make your tv smart

Purchasing a new smart TV could be a costly affair. Top and cheap ways to convert your non-smart TV into smart TV are listed below. Using below-mentioned ways you can easily turn TV (non-smart) into smart TV.

  • By using MHL cable

No one wants this to happen. But it actually happens. Your lovely and priceless phone screen goes off when your phone just slips from your hand. Oh, shit! is what you can scream. But yes friends here is good news. You can use it and do miracles. You can use your broken mobile phone by connecting it to a TV. Here is a YouTube video which does the job. You will be astonished to see this. So you must see it and get recovered from the pain of a broken mobile phone. For using MHL cable it is not necessary that you should have a broken mobile device. It can be used along with a working mobile phone also.


In this way, you can convert your TV into smart TV. Actually, your mobile must support MHL to use this feature.

This YouTube video shows Samsung Galaxy S3 (broken screen). You can use your old mobile phone also. Nowadays everyone is having an old unused mobile phone/ Broken screen mobile phone.

  • By using Raspberry Pi

Using Raspberry Pi is the best method to convert your Tv into smart Tv. As raspberry pi is a simple and small Linux CPU. You can enjoy unlimited features of Raspberry Pi. You only need to configure it to convert it into a media streaming device.

  • By using Google Chromecast


  • Amazon fire TV stick or Amazon Box

  • Apple TV

Though it is costly. But if you can go for it then it’s ok. But my advice is to purchase a smart TV rather than investing in it.


  • Roku Streaming Stick

There are many other products also available in the market but my advice is to go with above-mentioned products. Out of all above-mentioned ways the best way is by using a Raspberry Pi. You only need a TV it can be any TV. Because Raspberry Pi is having multiple video output options like HDMI, VGA etc. And the other best option is getting an MHL cable and connect your old android phone to your TV.