waiting for someone

Waiting for someone

Waiting for someone

waiting for someone

She was waiting there, waiting for someone (him) to come. He was late, too late and she was ready. Ready to give him everything she can give him. The darkness of that thirsty night was getting more and more like a black hole. The clock was ticking, her soft fingers on the satin sheets were pitching and her face was getting deepened inside the pillow. She thought of calling him.

In the meanwhile, her phone ringed. That’s is called telepathy. When both lovers were just thinking of each other and both thought of calling each other at the same time. She started to search for her phone.
The bed was a complete mess and the phone was not visible. With great efforts she able to find her phone.
Wow, it’s my love.
She replied plz darling come to me I can’t wait for anymore. He replied he is in traffic and ends the call.
She keeps on waiting and waiting. After another half an hour the doorbell boomed and she ran towards the door.
Her gown were un tightened.  And she opened the door.
Oh shit!
It’s her neighbor.
She tied her gown in hurry. Sorry, I will come tomorrow I think i am untimely replied the neighbor.
So what we learned from the above story? Always ask before opening the door.
Or have a CCTV installed on your door.
Go, techie.

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