Dedicated vs Shared Proxies

Are Dedicated Proxies Better Than Shared? Proxies are of different types, each specific to a particular situation(s). When it comes to the number of users, the question is if dedicated […]

Surfer Hair style for Men

What is a surfer haircut? Surfer’s hair is purposefully and intentionally messy, disheveled, and untidy, but still, says everyone about your fashion. This haircut is especially long (with hair hanging near […]

YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites

What are Yify Proxy and its mirror sites? If an individual wants to download any movie for free of charge in HD or Full HD then yify is the best site to go with. The web site provides the […]

Pirate Bay Proxy List

The Pirate Bay Proxy and Mirror Sites List If you are trying to access pirate bay and unable to access ThePirateBay there can be many reasons. One of the most […]