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Ads! Ads are an important part of our entertainment industry. You can say it runs the whole entertainment industry. It is a million-dollar business around the globe. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and almost all big names you can think of earn/invest millions of dollars in the advertisement. If ads really annoy you, you can use Adblock for smart tv, ios, windows, browser, chrome extension, firefox, etc.

How Ads are misused?

But there are many companies (I did not want to blame anyone) who misuse this advertisement tool in an excessive manner which is not good for the ads industry. For example, if you buy a smartphone you must have seen adware pre-installed in it. The user is unaware of the fact and even he cannot able to remove it, as it is not even visible in the form or icon/ option. The adware runs in the background and annoys every time the user uses his smartphone. In many cases, that adware collects your phone cookies data to optimize its advertisement. Without the knowledge of the user, this is really not good.
If you are watching a movie and you see advertisements during intervals that is ok and fair enough. But advertisement every 5 minutes and that too off long duration can be annoying to anyone. It destroys the viewing experience of the viewer. Banner ads are still bearable but long video ads are really irritating. And if you do not have the option to skip the ads it’s a further headache.

Having control on Ads

I am not against ads but the way it is being implemented is not good. Google and other leading companies must do something to have control over this issue. But if it is not controlled then the user has to go for the adblocker application, which is nowadays easily available on the internet. And today I am going to have a detailed way to block advertisements in Android, smart tv, ios, windows, browser, chrome extension, firefox, etc. Blocking ads saves your precious time and bandwidth.

Adblocker – Adguard for windows

Adblock chrome extension

Google chrome is the most used browser in this internet world. So, if you are using google chrome as your default browser and facing issues of excessive ads then you can go for Adblock chrome extension to block all your ads. Since it is in the form of an extension it is easy to install, manage, and uninstall. I hope you are aware of extensions used in google chrome.

Adblock firefox

Mozilla Firefox also uses adblocker in the form of extensions. Both chrome and Firefox have almost similar ways of installing extensions. Activate the extension when required and remove it when not required.

Special features of AdBlock chrome extension and firefox:

  • All ads are blocked by default using the Adblock chrome extension. You just need to activate the extension.
  • Block video ads on YouTube (Adblock for youtube)
  • Customize your filter lists.
  • See how many ads you’ve blocked.
  • Allow ads on your favorite sites in a snap.
  • Available in over 30 languages
  • Speed up your browser and save bandwidth. Ads aren’t even downloaded.
  • Quick and easy in-page ad reporting.

Adblock for Internet Explorer

The market of Internet Explorer has gone done but still, it comes pre-installed with Windows. And if you use internet explorer as your default browser then for blocking ads you must install Adblock for Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge browser.

Adblock safari

Download Adblock Plus for Safari and experience cleaner, safer, and faster web browsing.

Adblock for smart tv (Adblock Android)

Nowadays everyone is having smart TV. If not he must be using an Android TV box/ Mi Box for converting normal TV into a smart TV. This android based smart Tv comes with a variety of pre-installed applications. And even you can install third-party streaming apps on your smart TV using a pen drive. While doing this some adware also gets installed on your smart TV. These third-party apps are free in nature. Some of them provide you with all TV channels free of cost but in turn, they use ads to earn profits.

After installing those third-party apps you have to see those advertisements. If you want to remove ads from these third-party apps you can simply install an app called blokada.apk file. The installation process is the same using a pen drive. For more details, you can go through this Youtube video. This Adblock smart tv app will block all your ads. Which saves bandwidth, time, and improves speed.

Links for installing Adblock android, windows, and ios.
This app is a very powerful tool for blocking all your ads. This app can be used as Adblock for smart tv youtube applications also. All your Youtube advertisements will also get blocked on a smart TV.
How to block ads on your iPhone and iPad? (Adblock ios)

Here are the best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad. There are some paid apps also you can visit their website for more information.

  • 1Blocker
  • AdGuard
  • Wipr
  • AdBlock Pro
  • Ka-Block!

Conclusion- Adblock for smart Tv, android, chrome, safari, ios, firefox.

If there is a problem, there is also a solution. Just have a look on the internet and do some research you will definitely get a solution. But it may take some time. So, by using the above methods you can easily use an ads blocker. If you feel any difficulty in installing Adblock for smart TV kindly comment below. Also, tell me how do you block ads? Are you using the same apps or different ones?  I am always here to help you out. Thanks for visiting.

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