Top 15 manga websites to read Manga books online FREE

Top 15 manga websites to read Manga books online FREE

Where can I read manga online legally (manga websites)?

Manga is one of the most popular comic books in Japan. It is basically a funny comic. The term Manga is used for both Comic and Cartooning in Japan. It is one of the most famous comics in Japan, every age group has something to love in this comic, that is why it is so famous. But it is not totally free. The traditional manga is written from right to left (reverse to English) in the Japanese language.

Manga is published in series and each series consists of 20 to 40 pages. Manga websites contain a wide range of genres such as action, drama, adventure, comedy, romance, love, sex, mystery, horror, fantasy, sports, science, games, suspense and many others. In other countries, it is available in English and other regional languages after translation.

But today in this article we will be giving you the links to Japanese Manga books free of cost and without any subscription charges.  Below is the list of best manga websites to download manga books to read for free. If you don’t know about manga keep reading this article you can know. Here are the best manga websites to download and read manga books for free online. Kindly remember to use VPN before visiting these free online manga books websites mentioned below.

How do you read manga?

how do you read manga
How to read manga?

Reading Manga books online free is quite different from reading any other comic book and episodes. It is read right to left just opposite to the English language. You start on the top right corner of the page and move to the left. You just need to follow the above-mentioned picture to follow the manga reading pattern. If you have two pages in front of you. Start reading from page 1 which will be on the right side of you. Then go to page 2 on your left side. Similarly on page 1 start from top right corner stated 1 in the picture and then follow the continuation of the numeral pattern as shown in the picture.

What is a good site to read manga?

Best Manga Websites Unblocked to read manga books online for FREE

1. Mangareader


This is another manga publishing website. You can read all manga online episodes here very easily. Top collections can also be found here on this website. You can download as many books as you want to read manga online. If you are looking for a Manga website with a huge database and pretty well-organized content, Mangareader is the right answer for you. 

2. Mangafox


If you have a question like, “What is the most updated manga site?” Mangafox is the most updated and popular to read manga books online for free. It is having almost all the episodes collection of manga series online. You can read or download manga in various formats.  This site is 100% free. Manga fox is a 100% secure site, for downloading manga online episodes you need to sign up first. It has a vast collection of manga series. Manga Fox is updated frequently with all the latest manga series which you are waiting for. It has a great community forum where you can interact and discuss with people having an interest in reading the manga.

3. Shonen Jump

This website is very simple and easy to use. It is available on android and ios platform also. This is a good manga selling website where you can find your manga books very easily and read manga online like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and many more. This is my favorite way to read manga online. It is one of the largest collections of Manga episodes in its database. Its home page includes various labels such as New Manga, Hot Updated, Hot Manga and Complete  Manga lover solution.

4. Mangahere


This is also one of the popular websites for manga reading online. It keeps on updating all the series of manga. The site is simple and straight.

5. Mangapanda

manga panda

It is a website where a manga lover wants to stay and read online. It is also free and you can’t need to pay anything to download and read manga books online.

6. Mangabox


This manga website is the hottest manga destinations online, it is a free local Japan-based manga website where you can enjoy manga comic books online. This website is quite popular in Japan.

7. ComicWalker

comic walker

It is also a free, legal and popular website for manga series downloads. You can find many manga books that are not available on other websites. It promises Hundreds of high-quality free manga online books for you. It keeps on updating daily for a new series of manga books. So, you can find trending and the latest manga books here.

8. Mangafreak

manga freak

It is a relatively new Manga website. But is one of the popular Manga websites. On the home page, you’ll see all the latest series and episodes of comics laid out in a grid pattern. keeps updated content regularly as soon as it is released. It has one of the largest free Manga books online databases. With its advanced search options, you can find a variety of Manga series, episodes including action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, love, emotion, and romance.

You can also filter the Manga series by status as active or completed. In addition, you can find the Popular Manga, Manga List and Latest Releases tabs on their homepage. On its home page, you can find recently added Manga series by date for your easiness. It is also a free source of reading manga.

 9. Mangadex

Manga dex

One of the most win-win manga websites for online free manga books. It provides you a ton of unabashed manga content. You just need to bookmark this website and keep enjoying it.

10. Mangakakalot


Manga Kakalot is also one of the best websites to read free manga books online. This website offers a variety of the latest high-quality Manga content. You can read the different categories of Manga such as drama, love, gender-bending, emotions, diffuse flowers, a shot, comedy, health, romance, action and much more. It is one of the best manga books to read online.

Metropolitan System, Kings maker, Player Reborn, A Story About Treating a Female Knight Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman, Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One, Spirited Away by the Rain Woman Youkai, Flying Over a Thousand Mountains to Love You, My Obsession Won’t Let Me Leave, The Lady and Her Butler, I Became a Legend a Decade Later After Telling My Comrades to Leave Everything to Me and Retreat First, Fairy Tail: Happy’s Great Adventure, The Master of Martial Arts Retired Life, Tomb raider king and all top hits of manga series for you.

11. BookWalker

Bookwalker is one of the most demanded legal and official digital comics from Japan for online reading manga books. Legend of Immortals, Kaguya Luna Gachi-Zei no Nichijyo, Maou ga Yadoya wo yatte Inu, Tsukumogami Karuta: Cards of the 99 Gods, Monster no Goshujin-sama (Novel),

Download the BookWalker app on your mobile device or go to the website on your PC browser. You can browse the website by categories, genres, publishers, or author’s names. It is available on the android and ios platforms also.

12. MangaReborn

manga reborn

Monster Girls, Flower Garden, The Lady, and the Gentleman, The Daily Life of Hanako, Black Angels, Low Teen Blues, Someone Comes to Kill Me, Fishing Fools, Husky Voice, Wake Up To Thy Doom, Eccentric Estate, Hell Madonna, Xanadu, Marriage? No Thanks, Romantic Kingdom, Bonjour Mitsuko, The Woman Loved by the Grim Reaper, Crown Gall, The Daily Life of Hanako, The Hamsters – They Only Pretend to be Weak, Flap Your Wings, Taroumaru, LaBrea Undefeated Camp Out, Deadline ASS-BEATING and more just on your fingertips. 

13. MangaInn


Dr Stone 117, Black clover 216, One piece 952, My hero academia, Apotheosis, Star martial god technique, Tales of Demons and Gods, The god of high school, The gamer, the new gate, Hardcore leveling warrior, God of martial arts, Soul land 2, the last human, Solo leveling, The mythical realm, Soul land, DICE, The cube that changes everything, Please don’t bully me, Tower of God, The magic chef of ice and fire 2, Wu Dong Qian Kun, World customize creator, Soul land lll, Skeleton knight in another world, Creative Conan and many more manga episodes which you love.

14. MangaClub


HEIR TO A DESERT LEGACY, This boy is a bottom, Absolute Obedience, PLAYING THE DUTIFUL WIFE, Public sex, No string attached, Warm coffee, The throw-away bride, Because you are shy at night, Eroticism of pure love, My lucky star, Gourmet Glutton, and much more free stuff on this manga website for free. Just search your episodes and enjoy reading it.

15. Manga-Anime

Ajin-demi-human, A silent voice, My hero academia, One punch man, The-heroic-legend-of-arslan, Terra-formars, Seraph-of-the-end, My love story, Assassination-classroom, Food-wars-soma and many more episodes which you are definitely going to love. So, just continue reading your favorite content here. In addition to reading Manga, you can also read comics online and download anime wallpapers from the site. It has Anime News, Manga Wishlist and is the most read Manga comic book online free collection.

16. Crunchyroll Manga

manga websites

Crunchyroll Manga is a paid platform where you can purchase different manga series online. You can also download it for Kindle and enjoy on amazon kindle paper. Crunchyroll Manga is a digital publisher in North America. Readers can sign up for an All-Access or Manga subscription for free of cost. But you have to pay in the form of viewing some advertisements on the site.

What is the best app (Android) for manga?

Is Manga cheap in Japan?

Yes, it is cheaper when compared to its cost in other countries. It is because the original language of the manga is Japanese and when it reaches other countries the cost of translation in regional languages plus taxes increases the cost. In Japan, you can buy brand new episodes under 400 Yen.


There are many more but I have no doubt that your requirements can easily be fulfilled by the above-mentioned links for downloading manga series free. Kindly comment below if you have any other links which you love the most for reading manga content. It will be definitely added to my collection. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Some of the links provided in the article is having affiliate links. Kindly visit our affiliate disclosure here. Kindly go through our Privacy Policy page and disclaimer for more details. Thanks in advance for your love and for making my efforts a hit. So, be in touch and keep yourself updated with our all-new articles by subscribing via email address.

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