NO.1 and Best Sea salt spray DIY

Sea Salt Spray DIY

Hello, friends today in this article we are going to make a sea salt spray at your home (Sea salt spray DIY). You need very simple ingredients which are easily available in your home and you need not require to search for them in the market too much. Everyone likes to enjoy sunbath beside a sea beach, that too in a style. And for the style, you definitely need good-looking wavy hair. Say howdy to our new favorite hair homemade DIY sea salt spray.

This DIY sea salt spray can leave your hair shiny, surfer, rigid, wavy, musky. Plus, an extra benefit is that it will keep your hair safe as every ingredient used in this DIY is natural. Keep scrolling for our super simple tutorial.

Can I make my own sea salt spray?

The answer is yes very easily. Recipe for sea salt spray, you need the following ingredients for this recipe.

Detailed steps (DIY sea salt spray)

Step 1: Pour the warm water into the spray bottle.

Step 2: Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt and give it a gentle shake until salt dissolves.

Step 3: Add melted 1 tablespoon of coconut/Argon oil to your spray bottle.

Step 4: Add a few drops (5-10 drops) of essential oil. Shake the bottle again. Congratulations You’ve got homemade sea salt spray ready.

Points to consider while making this DIY sea salt spray

  • If you need more rigidness/stiffness in your hair you can add two tablespoons of sea salt. If you have thick hairs you can use 2 tablespoons of sea salt otherwise go with a single teaspoon.
  • A hair gel or conditioner can be added to the sea salt spray mixture. But I recommend applying hair gel or conditioner after applying sea salt spray to your towel-dried hairs directly with your hands.
  • And warm water is warm, not hot. You need not require boiling water.
  • And essential oil is just for having a good scent. Since you are using coconut oil it will smell like it. If you don’t like this scent you can use essential oil otherwise leave it.
  • And if you need a bigger bottle of sea salt spray then just increase the number of ingredients to double.
How to make sea salt spray for hair? (Sea salt Spray DIY) 

How to use sea salt spray for hair?

  • Simply apply sea salt spray to towel-soaked showered hairs with the bottle spray.
  • And if you have not added hair gel or conditioner to your sea salt spray then apply hair gel to your hairs using your hands.
  • Give the required directions to your hair using your hand. As per your style you like.
  • And after that use your hair drier.
  • And your hairs are ready Mr. Smarty.

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Conclusion on sea salt spray DIY

I hope you will definitely try this DIY sea salt spray. I have already tried this and in my view it’s awesome. If you have something to share after implementing this DIY sea salt spray kindly comment below. And yes the above-mentioned products contain affiliate links. If you purchase using these links it will be helpful in running this blog. And thanks for the support and help. Kindly go through our affiliate disclosure for more details.

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