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Tamilyogi the leader of Tamil movies

If you are a fan of Tamil movies. In my view, the best collection of Tamil movies download is available here on Tamilyogi. Earlier there were many versions of the website launched namely tamilyogi cc, tamilyogi.best, tamilyogi isaimini 2021, tamilyogi.com, tamilyogi in, tamilyogi vip, tamilyogi cafe, etc. But at present most of these websites were banned by the Government of India.

Entertainment is what human being keeps on looking always in their free time. But getting entertained from any source is not good. Earlier there was nothing called piracy but with the involvement of competition and race for growth and progress, the word piracy evolved in the entertainment industry.

There are chances that when you try to search the above website you may see a banned as below. There is no guarantee that these websites will be available in India when you will be searching for them. As you all know that the only destination of a pirated website is getting banned within a few days or months.

tamilyogi 2021

Is the website Tamilyogi 2021 movie download site illegal?

The answer to the question is a Yes. It is a completely illegal and pirated website. Which is against the IT Act 2000 and Cinematograph Act 2019. Many domains of the Tamilyogi website have already been banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Informational Technology, Government of India.

Is it safe to use Tamilyogi 2019?

Since the website does not come in the category of the authenticated website. Using the website to download anything is full of risks. Nobody knows how these websites use your personal information like email addresses etc. You can be a victim of some planned threat. Your privacy and personal data may be hacked. Your device pc/laptop/mobile may be hacked.

You must have heard of Pegasus spyware. It is so vulnerable that your phone will no more be yours. Everything can be very easily controlled from a remote place. Similarly, these websites may also implant this type of spyware in your device.

What is the source of earning for the Tamilyogi Tamil movie download website?

All the content available on the website is absolutely free. The only reason behind this is all the contents available on their website are not the actual property of the website owners. They are using piracy to publish someone else copyright content. Their main source of earning is advertisement/ads and sponsorship.

This type of website can never be approved by Google for Adsense. But there are many other third-party advertisers who provide advertisements to these pirated websites. Due to them, these pirated websites are still running. You must have seen ads related to betting, gambling, and cryptos on these websites. The list of advertisers is unlimited and visitors to the pirated website are also unlimited. When both are combined together the pirated website owners earn a lot.

Alternative Websites to TamilYogi.com

Tamilyogi Dubbed movies download

There are a variety and a large collection of Tamil and other south Indian movies collection available on the Tamilyogi website. There is also a collection of dubbed movies in other demanding languages like Hindi, English, and other regional languages.

The website also has the facility to download the movie in different formats and video quality like 480p, 720p, 1024p. This is also a reason for the popularity of this website. The demand for Tamil movies is increasing day by day. You must have seen many Tamil movies remake in Hindi also. The South Indian stars are now equally famous in North India.

The Government steps to stop Tamilyogi piracy

The word Tamil movies download, Hollywood movies download, Bollywood movies download looks very entertaining and promising for giving you free content. But always remember any movie let it be Bollywood or Hollywood, it is released after a lot of investment and hard work. But some unauthorized and unethical website administrators make them available to the public for free, which is illegal.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, The Government of India has taken many concrete steps to stop Piracy. According to the Cinematograph Act, approved in 2019, any person recording a film without the written concurrence of the actual owner can be penalized with a jail term of over to 3 yrs. Along with Rs 10 lakh fine or both.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can block any website as per IT Act 2000. They first check for the activity of the website and also look for any complaints received. That’s why we constantly advise you to use legal platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, ULLU, ZEE5, VOOT, etc websites/applications.

The Tamilyogi website has many extensions for example .best, tamilyogi in, .com, .cc, tamilyogi fm, tamilyogi fc, and many more. The reason behind having so many domain extensions is simple. Since these websites are kept on getting banned by the government, we never see a fixed domain extension. And for this credit goes to our Government, which is very strict with piracy. But the problem is that when a website or domain is banned it starts operating from a new domain extension. So the domain name changes very frequently.

How is Tamilyogi still running?

The operators and administrators of Tamilyogi 2022 are really notorious. They are earning huge amounts through advertisements. And use that amount to host their pirated websites on their personal servers from an unknown place. You can just imagine how much powerful servers are required to manage such large traffic. Their actual investment is in managing their server.

They also used sophisticated tools, software, and VPNs in order to hide their location. They are one step ahead of any government. That is why after having many rules and regulations these pirated website is still running. They always keep a backup of their website and the moment their domain is blocked they host the same content to a new domain.


We advise our readers to watch and enjoy movies, web series, etc only through authorized sources. It means from places like theatres and official streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Ullu, Zee5, Mx player, Voot, etc. We never recommend downloading movies from Tamil yogi.
There are many people in this world who are not aware of these pirated websites. Because nowhere on those websites is written about piracy. As they are simply interested in making money. That is why it is our responsibility to spread awareness.
After knowing all the issues, ill effects, and problems of visiting the site. If still, you are visiting the website. You are visiting at your own risk. I am not responsible for any loss of privacy or data to the visitor.


Before visiting the above site kindly go through our disclaimer page. We never promote visiting and downloading pirated content from Tamilyogi. As it is against the Cinematography act passed in 2019 by the Indian government. The above article is just for your information and knowledge purposes only.  I hope this article helped you in understanding the risks involved in downloading pirated content from these websites. For saving a little money you are inviting troubles for you and your family.

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