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The word torrent is not only for downloading movies, games and shows. You can also download your favorite ebook torrents here free of cost. Today the print media is converting into eBooks. No body wants to carry and always loaded with books in his/her luggage. Today every body need eBooks. They can be carried in your smart phone or a pen drive very easily. Also you do not require large book selves for your book collection at home. Every body wants to go smart and enjoy reading on kindle or other smart devices.

So, from where we can download eBooks?

planet ebook

Planet eBook: Planet e book is a collection of high-quality eBooks available on all smart devices for free. There is more than 50k collection in its library. You can download them for free.


E-Book Share (Books-share.com): Bookshare makes reading easier. There are more than 4,00,000 books, and that is a huge collection! Since this site is dedicated to e-books, its a brilliant option for avid readers.


ManyBooks: The main aim of this website is to provide free content to readers in the form of eBook. And there is no doubt that this website has achieved its aim. It is the favorite destination for all readers.


Wikibooks.org: You can get e-books torrents in several languages including Dutch, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and many more. You first have to pick a language and then type in the title you’re trying to find. Just search your requirement and download.


Ebookee: The site covers ebook torrents from tech, tutorials, non-fiction, story, essay, novels, computer programming languages, Mathematics, Medicine, Windows, and Security/Hacking and much more. 


FreeBookSpot: This site is totally for eBooks for different categories. When you visit the site you will see a list of books categories wise for downloading.

To Sum Up:

We hope that you liked our comprehensive list of the best quality e-book torrents sites. Please comment down below if you are aware of any other good e-book torrent site. Also, don’t forget to use a VPN service to protect your identity and stay safe by installing a good anti virus on your device before accessing these free websites. Kindly, refer our disclaimer and privacy policy before visiting these torrenting websites.

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