Best Exercise Videos on Netflix to Get in Shape

exercise videos on Netflix

Netflix Workout Videos: – Watching television has become an old fashion now. The internet television network is the new king. It has slowly occupied the place of traditional TV watching experience. Now you can watch your favorite TV programs anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone and smart TV. Netflix is one of the largest internet television entertainment network spread worldwide. Nobody likes to wait for the timing of a TV serial or program. Now the trend is serving on the spot. You need to want you will be served. Workout videos on Netflix give you a smart way to exercise and get in shape.

Netflix Workout Videos

The health concern is now everybody needs. Everyone wants to look fit and slim. And the workout videos on Netflix is really the best way to get in shape. You only need a working Netflix plan to access those videos. These exercise videos on Netflix are given by professional and you can just follow it blindly. You will definitely see results within few weeks. You can consider these videos as free fitness classes given to you by an expert trainer. There is no need to go to the gym for fitness training if you are a regular follower of Netflix workout videos.

Workout on Netflix

A list of exercise videos on Netflix (workout videos on Netflix)

BeFiT Transform: 17 minutes workout of the day– This fitness session promises you the results in just 30 days. This is a full-body workout for getting your shape back. You need not visit a dietarian or fitness trainer.

Denise Austin – Get Fit Fast: 3 Target Toning Programs– You just need to spend 15 mins with Denise Austin daily for a superb result. This video is for people who feel they are very busy and have no time to go through long fitness training at the gym. The only thing is you need to be regular and you will be in shape in months.

Bikini ready fast – Ellen Barrett along with two 5 lbs dumbbells will make your body ready for wearing a bikini. Its been a dream for many women to get inside a bikini. But with these sessions, you can say go bikini.

Crunch: Candlelight Yoga– Yoga is not only good for your body its also good for your mind.
Sara Ivanhoe in her 45 mins of yoga session tells you how to have a beautiful body and mind.

Michael Olajide – Killer Abs and Back
This intense workout lasts for 41 to 45 minutes and you will need two 5 lbs dumbbells, a jumping rope, and a body bar. This workout is specially dedicated to the abs and back area, which is the most concerned area for getting in shape.

10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix- If you still feel exercising is difficult for you then with music beats and dance plus aerobics will help you to get in shape. You need not require and dumbbell or equipment. You need to be regular and every session will be around 50 mins daily.

The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth – This is an elite group of one of the fittest people on this planet. No doubt it is very difficult to go like them. But you can see them and at least get motivated. They are giving 100%, you need to give at least 10%, and then see the results.

Crunch: Boot camp training– The fitness instructor Seu Hitzman has made a DVD of 30-minutes, which includes quick exercise, squats, and pushups to keep the body in shape. 5 to 10 lbs dumbbells are required to perform this activity. Remember, regularity is the key.

Functional Fitness – By viewing his documentary you can go fit but you need to work hard and be regular for the good results.

The Magic Pill – Nobody can achieve fitness if they do not follow a balanced diet. A good diet plays a major factor along with regular fitness workouts.

So, never forget to search these videos on Netflix. I am sure one among all the above-mentioned Netflix fitness video is definitely going to work for you. You can also go through this video. The fitness demo is given by Bipasa Basu the famous Indian Actor cum model.


Though workout and exercise is the only way to achieve fitness. But you need not require an intense workout like professional bodybuilders and gymnasts. You only need daily and regular workouts. Nobody can guarantee you shape unless you are regular. It also depends upon person to person someone needs a good figure, some need a healthy body, and someone wants to get a professional builder. One of the compulsory things is you should keep on watching some motivated videos to continue working on yourself. Otherwise making continuity is very difficult, you need to be regular and motivated. So, best of luck and get in shape. I hope these exercise videos on Netflix definitely help you a lot.