Best 10 Workout bicep and tricep

Workout bicep and tricep

They may not be the most important or the strongest muscle in your body, but your biceps and triceps are visible to everyone. It is live proof of your health, stamina, masculinity, and looks. So, today in this article we will be focusing on Workout bicep and tricep.

Basically, the biceps muscle flexes the elbow and both biceps and triceps play an important role in your hand strength and movement. It comes in the category of upper body workout.

To go through a full array of bicep and tricep workout with dumbbells, you are in the right place. Follow and incorporate them into your workout, and keep reading!

Exercise 1 – Incline Hammer Curl Bicep workouts with Dumbbells

The incline bench position increases the stretch on the long head of the biceps muscle and is one of the most common approaches to developing big biceps. As it locks your body against the bench so wrist and elbow are less susceptible to strain. For doing it in the right way you can go through the above video.

EXERCISE 2 – Incline Inner Biceps Curl using dumbbells

Adjust the incline bench to an angle of 45 degrees. Grasp dumbbells in each hand and sit down with your back against the bench, with your feet resting on the floor for support. · Allow your arms to hang down. Keeping your elbow straight, raise the dumbbells up towards your head, contracting your biceps. This exercise activates your biceps more than other arm exercises. It offers a greater range of movements and gives your inner biceps a stronger stretch.

EXERCISE 3 – Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curls

This exercise is generally recommended for most people. But if you are having an arm injury, do not continue. However, do not force extra repetitions once you are unable to do the curls with good form. Take a rest before doing the next set. And please know your limits. Don’t lift too heavyweight to start with this exercise and stop if you feel any pain.

EXERCISE 4 – Dumbbell twisting Standing biceps curl

The twisting standing dumbbell curl features an extra movement of twisting your wrist which gives extra pressure and stress on your biceps. just look at the above video for doing the job in the right manner. This bicep workout can be done easily at your home. You just need a pair of dumbbells.

EXERCISE 5 – Standing Barbell Curl

This is definitely one of the more common ways to hit your biceps muscle. It can be done in two ways. Some trainer prefers the wide grip and some close grip. There is a difference between the two but only for professionals. For a normal person, both are beneficial.

EXERCISE 6 – Zottman Curl

In this movement, you hold a dumbbell in each hand and every single muscle of your arms is getting stretched in this zottman curl. For more detailed instructions follow the video link given above.

EXERCISE 7 – Overhead Cable Curl

This Overhead Cable Curl is a great movement for bringing up the lower part of the biceps. Kindly strictly follow the video tutorial mentioned in the above video. This is the best bicep workout in the gym.

EXERCISE 8 – Lying Supine Biceps Curl

Lying supine biceps curl dumbbell exercises for biceps. Lie down on your back on a bench and hold one dumbbell in each hand.

Raise the dumbbells until they reach your body’s height and slowly lower them after a pause.
Breathe out when lifting and inhale when lowering back. Follow the above video for detailed instructions.

EXERCISE 9 – Preacher Biceps Curl

Preacher biceps curl barbell exercises for toning your biceps. It is a bicep workout for a beginner but can be followed by professionals also.

Try to not jerk your upper body in an attempt to assist you to lift the weights. Kindly go through the above youtube video for more details.

Conclusion: Workout bicep and tricep

The above-mentioned workout for bicep and tricep are given and recommended by professionals. Even a beginner can also follow these workout bicep and tricep. As a fitness enthusiast, I have followed them in my regular routine exercise and the results were terrific. All the workouts given in this article are for a physically fit person. Follow these at your own will and wish under guidance. Kindly go through our disclaimer policy for more details.

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